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12 October 2007


Must be four months now

It started to rain on our way back from the center of Athens this evening. Wonderful! Drops falling on my skin, I smiled and spread my arms out. I think I have had four months without rain now. It rained in other parts of Greece, it rained even in Athens, but it didn't rain wherever I was. While we were in the bus it started to really pour down. No good weather for riding a bike, streets turn into soapy bowling alleys. But it sure is nice to sit at home now, enjoying the splish, splash of the rain outside. I'll be ready for more sun soon.

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Re: Rain!

Here there are a lot of time that it doesn't rain too, but when the rain starts... we will have many days without see the sun shine.

Posted by: r0sk at October 15,2007 11:36
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