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18 October 2007

Thursday Night at the Benaki Museum

A tipp for a Thursday evening out in Athens

This evening we went to the Benaki Museum in Kolonaki, Thursday being the ideal moment for an expedition to this historical museum, since the doors are open till midnight and entrance is free [1] on that day. So for everybody who works, it's the chance to visit with the artifacts of ancient and modern Greek history. This time I enjoyed especially some of the paintings from the 19th century, the heroes of the Greek revolution and their ships.

Some of the highlights of the museum: The manuscript of the Greek national hymn, the traditional dresses from many areas, the reconstructions of two visiting rooms with rich wood carvings and that special relaxed atmosphere (which many "oriental cafes" try to reproduce). It's also especially nice that you can get a survey of Greek history in one place, no need to visit 5 museums.

[1]Except for the special exhibitions, fair enough.

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