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19 October 2007

I Want my Darcs on $EXOTIC_PLATFORM!


When I started dabbling with Zwiki I had to install the darcs revision control system on my Mac laptop. Scared me at first, but was easy enough. I got to love darcs, it really is just how software version control / revision control / source code control (choose your own term) is meant to be. Basically it gets out of the way of the programmer. I mean I started to enjoy it. But...

I just have one (in numbers: 1) small problem with darcs: It's written in Haskell, and there is no Haskell compiler that will run on my exotic hardware/OS combination. Yes, I like running OpenBSD on MacPPC hardware. There is a port of Haskell for OpenBSD but it's not on macppc.

I'm about to release some Zope products, currently in my own CVS repository. So I casually looked at other revision management softwares, hoping for one to come along and do what darcs does (and still hoping that I'd get darcs anyway, so I can use the same thing I use for Zwiki). But most of the descriptions seem to point out that darcs is just what I want. Today I found this post called bzr vs darcs which ruled out bzr for me too... gotta contact that OpenBSD porter now, maybe there's a chance to get Haskell on macppc anyway.

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