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24 October 2007

http:BL for Zope released!

Look them up and block them...

Finally I have grinded through my ToDo list and yesterday late at night I came to the point where I can reasonably release a first version of my HoneyPotBL Zope product. This is a product for Zope 2 that will let you query the http:BL DNS Blacklist of known email scrapers / harvesters, comment spammers, and other malicious bots that the Project Honeypot is providing.

This release features: Working code that you can integrate into your Zope CMS / Zope app to look up IPs against the http:BL DNS blacklist and then block malicious bots with a 403 status code (or alternatively just block them from posting comments, give them alternate content... you decide). This release is in production use on my own site [1]. Whitelisting human visitors who find themselves by accident on the wrong side of a 403 return code can temporarily whitelist themselves and get access to your site. You decide on what policy to follow here. Documentation there's a README and some example glue code for integrating into your code. Tests - some basic unit tests are provided. Developer Access: If you want to hack on this, you can check out the dev version from the darcs repository, and then hack and patch on your own repository to your hearts content (who knows, you might even want to send me patches :-).

Please find the release page (with download link) on my shiny new wiki.

[1]Hey, it just checked your IP when you visited this page!

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HoneyPotBL Zope product

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