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25 October 2007

Slacking, Plans, and Darcs

I'm not justifying... or am I?

Yesterday evening I stayed at home and slacked. Thank $DEITY for having a net connection at home again, so the joy of mindlessly clicking through web page after web page is available to me. Actually I had some plans on my list, like porting GHC and then darcs to OpenBSD/macppc (yeah! more like "attempting to..."), making my miniplanet product (the stuff that powers my "Other Weblogs" links) ready for release... but I slacked. I'm not feeling too bad about it. The last few days whenever I wasn't out I hacked on various things to get HoneyPotBL out of the door, so maybe my mind just wanted a rest...

For HoneyPotBL I had a list of improvements I wanted in the code itself. Stuff I wanted to do before others would see the code. This is the power of open source: If it just has to work for me, I might be fine with something a little bit kludgy, but once I release the code, I feel like someone is looking over my shoulder, pointing, and asking: "Whoah! what's that ugly thing doing there?" So I get rid of that ugly thing before anybody sees it (feel free to point out more ugly things in my code once you see them). Also unit tests, because they raise confidence in my code [1].

Then I needed/wanted repository access for other people. It turns out that's fairly easy with darcs, because I can just rsync the repository directory with all files to a web server, and people can check out there. No plugins, configuration, add-ons, extra-services needed on the web server. Just static files. That's incredible cool and easy! People can then send me patches by mail (automated through darcs on their machines), I can apply them to my local repo, and rsync to the server again. I've set up a subdomain on my webserver for this, just to keep logs separated and make robots.txt exclusion easier.

Also I set up another wiki on my server. This time within the domain. I need something more flexible than static web pages, but not as date-fixated like my weblog. The wiki just has the most basic featureset (and it's not open to edit for others). Still fighting a bit with finding the ideal layout too. But it's now ready to release other tools (like the miniplanet) too. Thus I spent my free time, up until yesterday when I slacked :-)

[1]I think I found a fairly cool solution with the unit tests for HoneyPotBL. Problem is, to actually test the DNS lookups, you need to have an access key from Project Honeypot. But I can't provide one in the code, because you can't have mine. So you can set up your own access key in an environment variable before running the tests and it will use that. If you haven't set that up, the test will inform you what to do.

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