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27 October 2007

Smoke Detector in Place

It's about time

Maybe someone might remember the story Tired and Buying a Smoke Detector in which I was woken up by neighbors who noticed smoke coming out of our apartment. I resolved to buying a smoke detector. Some days ago I finally (!) put it up. Promptly I was asked by my new flatmate what this thing was, so I had to explain the story. Hope we'll never need this thing. But I'm all for doing security stuff in the sense that you'll never need it, kind of Swiss I am there.

When I was roaming Europe in an old 2CV, I had all sorts of spare parts with me. The stuff that broke was never what you had in spare parts with you. So more spare parts in the car. Did I mention I got a smoke detector now?

Placement of the smoke detector was a bit of a riddle. I first thought it goes into the kitchen, but the docs say that's a big "no". Cooking fumes will clog the detector and cooking smoke may trigger false alarms. OK, so it goes into the hallway, central point of the place. More checkpoints: Minimum distance from walls, place central on ceiling, highest point, but not when roof is going up, ... etc. etc. Well, all that stuff can't work here. Our ceilings are really high, there is a horizontal structure crossing it (so the highest point is not in the flow of the smoke, kind of like the "roof is going up" situation), the hallway is not very wide (distance from wall...). In the end it went on the horizontal structure. Hope that does the trick if it ever has to.

Also, as for buying the smoke detector... I had looked at a few electricians shops in the neighborhood. They did not have something so fancy. I'd have to go to the center, around Athinas street. Which I didn't, because Eleni was at that time flying over from Germany. She happened to pass by a big electronics store there and picked up a smoke detector for something like 6 Euro. I must admit it was the cheap way out of hunting it down and learning where these devices are sold in Athens. But at some point lazy was good enough.

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