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28 October 2007

This Week in Pictures

...more or less this week
Winter time, getting dark earlier

Here are a couple of pictures I've taken more or less in the last week or so.

No particular reason, no particular topic... ranging from the change of time, the sea, storage, to demonstrations with bicycles.

Bicycle demonstration on Vas. Sofias Avenue / Syntagma

Saturday last week we happened onto this bicycle demonstration. Cyclists were demonstrating for bicycle lanes, the right to take the bicycle into the Metro in off-traffic times, and generally a different way life in the city. More info (in Greek): Don't be fooled, this is just a very small part of the demonstration, there was a loooong line of more and more bicycles before and after.

Looking at the sea

Even though today wasn't so sunny, it was still warm enough for a stroll at the seaside. I wasn't the only one to enjoy that, others wanted to look at the sea too.

Storage space above bathroom

Like most apartments in Greece, ours has a storage space above the bathroom. This is ideal to store away some bulky or rarely needed items.

Winter time, getting dark earlier

Even without the switch to winter time it was getting dark ever earlier. Now that we've switched (yupp, this Sunday) I'll come out of the office and it will be almost dark. And a few weeks later I'll get off work right into the night. I'm a summer person.

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