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04 November 2007

Greek what?

What are these people searching for?

Could anybody explain to me what "Greek Moves" are? There seem to a good number of people searching Google for this term and finding the Greece Moves Forward To the Past in Informatics post - which is a nice and important enough post in itself, but I guess has nothing whatever to do with that term. Looking at this term in my logs for some months now, it spiked my curiosity. What do they mean?

Of course now this post will pop right to the top of the results for that Google term. Maybe I should have obfuscated the term in question to avoid Google picking it up. Or if you came here searching for that term, could you post a comment and explain what it is you're looking for?

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Re: Greek what?

Try "movies" instead of "moves" ;-)

Posted by: macuser at November 06,2007 15:23
Re: Greek what?

Yes, that's one possibility, it would mean that there are a lot of people with spelling, typing, or english language deficits. Which sounds like a reasonable theory.

Posted by: betabug at November 06,2007 16:22
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