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05 November 2007

Visit to a Rainy Acropolis

Have a view from the top

Living in Athens means that I have the privilege to go and visit the Akropolis from time to time. I'm there in under an hour from home. The entrance fee is a bit hefty, but between 1st of November and 31st of March it's free on every Sunday (see official Acropolis info). So yesterday up I went. The day was cloudy, dizzy, with an occasional rain shower here and there, and the sun sending a rare ray through from time to time...

Sketch of the view point on the Acropolis

The good thing about the weather was that it wasn't hot for once. It seemed to me that I had all the time I wanted to look around. I spotted beautiful details on finely chiseled column heads. The caryatids, and the olive tree Athena gave to the Athenians.

I was looking out for things to sketch. The Parthenon? Way beyond my abilities, I admitted to myself. Not only would I have to find a way to shortcut all the details (or choose to stay there for an hour, trying to get everything right), but more to the point, I could not get it all into my field of view, I was much too close. I definitely need to practice more. Maybe I should have chosen one detail, work on one column or so.

Instead I wandered around, and then I saw the viewpoint platform, where lots of people gathered to have a look at the endless sea of concrete below. Looking over from the rim of the "sacred rock" at the viewpoint, it gave a nice, deep perspective. Click on the pic to get an enlarged view of the scan.

At first, when I went up there, the place didn't strike me so special. You see, I've been up there a lot. Sure it's great, but one gets used to it. I liked being there anyway. After doing my sketch, I sat down, thumped through my notebook, looked alternating at old sketches and at the scenery. I wondered how I could draw any of the bigger stuff up there one day.

When I went down again, something strange had happened to me. I was smiling. I felt strong and full of power. Before I went up, I had joked that I would sing "I can see clearly now the rain is gone" up there. Now I really felt like singing. I think the old place up there is empowering really. It's not just old stones and a high rock, there's a secret sauce they're not telling us about. I'll be back for sure.

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