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07 November 2007

Old Code

Hey there, nice to see you!

Just now I went to fix a little bug I had in one of the oldest pieces of code I wrote in this company. It's like seeing a family member I haven't visited for a long time. It made me think of "back then" when I started here. How long ago that was, how nervous, unsure of myself I was, but also how happy I am here. The code isn't really that great, I was out of touch with hacking for some time back then.

But then, that piece of code does a good job if you take the crufty bits aside, there is some elegance in there. I will give it a cleanup soon, and it will be with loving care, none of that "I hate this old code I wrote, lets just rip it all out and write from scratch". The idea of that code has proven to be very successful, let's go for something of a family reunion.

Oh yes, that bug. It's gone. Was gone in no time actually, I still know my way around in that code, and it was kind of obvious were the bug would be sitting.

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