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08 November 2007

Cables cut: OTEnet (and HelMUG) Offline

Cuts the mustard

Since this morning 11:00 the HelMUG server had been unreachable. Net traffic in all of Greece was sucking real bad, at times I had packet loss of 90% in getting abroad. Apparently optical cables were cut in two places at once: in Κάστρο Βοιωτίας (Kastro Viotias) and Χιλιομόδι Κορινθίας (Hiliomodi, Corinth). Don't ask me where that is. See the official announcement from OTEnet (in Greek). I don't know how much of OTEnet is out, but the OTEnet hosting in Thessaloniki is definitely not reachable.

Update: about at 17:00 connectivity was back to the HelMUG server.

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Re: Cables cut: OTEnet (and HelMUG) Offline

By chance I clicked in your blog and you're a Mac user in Greece! OMG I thought I won't be able to find one here :)

I'm graffic, from Spain, and I'm a "lost" Mac user in Greece (also a python lover) :D

Yep. I know about the HelMUG but my greek isn't really good to read the forums fluently.

Posted by: graffic at November 12,2007 00:00
Re: Cables cut: OTEnet (and HelMUG) Offline

Hey there graffic! Yes, I exist :-) There are other Mac users too (as you have noticed), even some who don't speak Greek so well either. At HelMUG we're thinking about putting up some information for these people, but things are always moving slow.

Anyway, welcome here!

Posted by: betabug at November 12,2007 09:24
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