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12 November 2007

Jazz Drawing

Another lazy sketch
Bass and Drums from Leila Olivesi Quartet at the Institut Francais

In the midst of Friday's jazz concert at the Institut Français (listening to the Leïla Olivesi Quartet, see last post) I took out my notebook and started to draw the bass player. It was almost too dark to see what I was doing. My fingers did not seem to have had a problem, they were guided by the music.

When I was "done" with drawing the bassist, I was happy to draw a rough outline of the drummer too. I think the sketch got even more wild there. I tried to get the drummer's grin in, but I don't think I succeeded. In the end (when the light came back on), the drawing looked acceptable to me. It's not my usual style at all, but I like it anyway :-)

Some of the bassist's posture is reflected in the drawing, which brings back the evening in my mind, and that's all it takes. As usual, click on the thumb for a bigger view.

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Re: Jazz Drawing

The Music must have been great to guide your fingers that way. I wish I was there.

Posted by: Saad Kadhi at November 12,2007 21:03
Re: Jazz Drawing

ah you are a moleskiner like me! you are very talented.

Posted by: chloe at November 14,2007 15:15
Re: Jazz Drawing

chloe, when I look at your photos (I did not see your sketches yet) I would not call myself talented any more. Your pictures are exceptionally good - I just dabble.

I like those little notebooks, but sometimes I would wish for something more sturdy. I'm using mine for more than 3 years now, as I'm not filling it up so fast. It suffered a bit in this time and I hope it won't fall appart suddenly.

Posted by: betabug at November 14,2007 15:47
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