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13 November 2007

Stupid apache adds Content-type to 304 Replies

Now that we fixed it in Zope...

Last weekend I upgraded my Zope to profit from the bugfix for the 304 responses should not have Content-Length header issue. Funny enough, my pages were still setting Content-type headers for those empty 304 responses. I was ready to blame Zope, until I noticed that my local test instance didn't do it. In fact Zope doesn't do this at all, but as soon as you place it behind apache, apache 1.3 will happily add the DefaultType content-type to empty replies. Don't believe me? It's easy to try it yourself. Also these tomcat people noticed the same thing - they seem to disagree on the reading of the RFC though.

So what do I do now with the Zwiki code that handles "If-modified-since" headers and 304 replies? Add the header back in, f* the RFC? What a mess. It wouldn't be so bad if some proxy servers and Safari didn't mess it up when they get a 304 with text/plain all of a sudden on a locally cached page.

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Re: Stupid apache adds Content-type to 304 Replies

Oh! Safari messing up the things :P In tomcat my main problems are related to class loader memory leaks (my fault)

About the header in the 304. Ok, content-type is because you have content. When you don't have content.... you can just ignore it. The important is the code (I guess, stupid browsers and proxies :P ).

God save conditional gets!

Posted by: graffic at November 13,2007 23:56
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