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16 November 2007

Crêpes Party - French Culture 101

Eat and Party!

Yesterday's crêpes party was quite nice. It seems that breton crêpes indeed are special. They are much lighter, fluffier than what one gets here, and very tasty. We only had crêpes, no gallettes - didn't find the right flour (buckwheat) to make those. So we had apple mousse, honey, sugar (with or without lemon), Nutella, and marmelade to go with our "french pancakes" (if I'm allowed to make this crude translation).

Having good company in the house was fun too. As usual we had a babylonian mess of languages. The conversation going from Greek to French, to English, with a word of German sometimes.

I wasn't so sure about the actual concept of how a "crêpes party" works. It seems this just means that some people make the crêpes in the kitchen (one cook, the others for company), while everybody hangs out in the living room. From time to time the cooking team delivers a plate of crêpes to the party zone and all jump on the delicacy. I tried to lecture our guests about the dangers of eating too much (and volunteered to take some of the burden upon me), but they wouldn't listen. These were really good crêpes, you know.

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