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18 November 2007

The Man Who Went Out To The Cold

Arriving in Munich
pic of wing in flight, evening sky

This picture is for Ovelikios from Athens Daily Photo who likes flying. Myself, I had a good flight to already wintery Munich. A good flight means a lot of space (a row of seats to myself), acceptable food (the airline didn't try to cook up something artistic, tortellini work even in prefab airplane food), no delays, turbulences, etc.

Highlight of the flight was the captain's introduction. He didn't just say hello, he described the flight route in detail, almost like a geography lesson. In the English version he said (paraphrasing from memory):

"...the weather in our destination is the usual misery of autumn in Germany: Overclouded, cold, foggy, with a sprinkling of snow."

All the plane was laughing. In fact when I came out of the airport building in Munich, I almost turned around: The temperature difference for me going from Athens to Munich was about 23º C. Shock! I'm staying indoors a lot. In fact I have much more problems with the dry air (especially in heated rooms), my nose and throat are not liking it and give me a hard time.

Olympia Stadium in Munich, seen from the Olympia Park

This afternoon we enjoyed some sunshine. We went for a walk in the Olympia Park. It looked like most of Munich had the same idea. Families, cyclists, joggers, people with dogs. All the usual suspects for a Sunday walk.

At one point I wanted to draw some of the architecture, so we sat down for a moment. Bad idea. The moment you stop moving, you freeze to death. The picture didn't went well, so here is a photo instead. If you can't draw, you better have a camera.

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