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19 November 2007

Working Away

Modern World

The first day of "working but not being in the office" turned out to be productive. Setting myself up took some time at first. I also found out, that our office with a proper office chair and desk is much more ergonomic than a corner of the gf's desk or a spot on the sofa. That was counteracted by a much more than average work motivation :-) It's cool to be able to be here and work!

At first I had to bring my laptop to work level again. A secure tunnel to my company mail, ssh-agent for company cvs access, bringing my local repo up-to-date, installing some packages I'd been missing, configuring my local testing setup (where the biggest problem was that I didn't have access to my bookmarks from work). It seems that it's been some while since I've been hacking company stuff from the macbook. A VPN would have been useful, if I get to do more "away working", I'll look into setting one up.

As for the actual work, for the moment I'm mostly cleaning up older code. Now that we've moved to Zope 2.9 and therefore Python 2.4, I'm replacing popen calls with the new subprocess module's Popen class. That stuff is much more flexible and it allows me to keep STDERR output out of the console. I'm also examining some of my older datastructures for stuff like I'd described in Quasi-Normal in Numbers - where an approach using BTrees saves a lot of memory and disk writes. It seems I'm getting more and more strict in these matters.

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Re: Working Away

I'd like to work at home too. At least to finish my tasks without any interrupt or a noisy place: phone calls, people talking, people knocking the door because their card doesn't work, others shouting, and even some times someone hitting the table..

I'd like to be at home, bring my tea and work with nice music in the speakers.... ahm... what a dream!

Posted by: graffic at November 20,2007 00:25
Re: Working Away

I wouldn't want to work from home every day, I like the company at the office too much. I like it that I can walk over to my boss and sit down to chat about a problem, finding a solution by taking turns scribbling on a piece of paper. He isn't a programmer or something, but I can explain most technical problems to him. Sure it's noisier at the office, but most of the time that's OK, even if I have to put on headphones sometimes.

But from time to time it's nice to work from home. I do that when there is a strike of the busses mostly. Now from Munich it's even more special, because I'm not even at home :-)

I think with your work environment, the company is really loosing money on their programmers. Programmers need a more or less quiet environment to be productive. Judging from the description of that company on your blog, they don't care. Too bad for them, you will find something better!

Posted by: betabug at November 20,2007 09:22
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