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20 November 2007


Jazz-Bar Vogler in Munich

Going out on Monday evening in Munich? You like good life jazz, but you are on a budget? I can recommend the Jazz-Bar Vogler near the Reichenbachplatz. We went there yesterday evening, payed just 3 Euro entrance fee, moderate prices for our drinks (and they have food till very late too). There's a trio of piano, upright bass, drums playing. Later some other singers, trombone, saxophone players joined in. The place is relaxed, so you can enjoy the music but also chat and just have fun.

I liked the music. At the start they seemed mostly to be jamming along (or maybe I just didn't recognize any of the pieces). Later I recognized some of the songs with the other musicians. I like the drum solo in one of the pieces in the first part a lot. It wasn't just rhythm and "banging on drums", there was something melodic to it. Even though the program said 'Blues-Jazz-Latin", we got only the Jazz part. We left early at 11, so maybe Latin and Blues came on later.

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