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02 December 2007

HelMUG and Reading Sunday

Kafka on the Shore

For this Sunday I had planned to prepare the upgrade of my server. But as I had a bit of wrist problem again the last days, I decided to do a reduced-computer-day today. Instead I was reading. "Kafka on the Shore", by Haruki Murakami. I had picked up this book when I was in Munich. I can't give a final word on the book, but I'm glued to reading it all day. It's intricating (yeah, I had to look up that word too).

Well, one thing I did today is to go to the HelMUG meeting. After many times with only 2-4 people, today there were something like 12 people there. It was nice, with nice discussions and mac-chats. A lot of the people I hadn't seen before and some regulars too.

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Re: HelMUG and Reading Sunday

Oh! I'd like to go to one of those meetings. Do you agree on a date in the helmug forums? I feel alone with a mac here (Even I know some mac users here).

Posted by: graffic at December 03,2007 01:58
Re: HelMUG and Reading Sunday

Normally it's on the first Sunday of the month. Sometimes it changes for whatever reason (we're in Greece...). It's announced on the site and there is also an announcement mailing list for the meetings in Athens. I'm the one who is sending out the announcements, and sometimes I'm a bit late. Would be fun to see you there!

Posted by: betabug at December 03,2007 07:02
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