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04 December 2007

Suppress zLOG output in Zope tests

Another of these "note to self" posts

In an old product of mine, the ZopeTestCase tests were being run from a shell script, using I'm switching that to running them with zopectl test. It's not too hard after I had found out how. But strange enough it would show any zLOG output of level WARNING or higher on the console. Annoying when all you want to see is a happy line of ......... test dots. So here is how to suppress this log output...

Digging through the web to find the solution didn't help much, but today I dived into the source and discovered that all I had to do was to set up a log.ini file to configure the python logger.

I took the log.ini which I found in the Zope source tarball, and changed it to log to a special place where all WARNINGs are kept in good company and get served nice cups of tea once in a while:

args=('/dev/null', 'a')

Of course sometimes it might be necessary to actually see WARNING or other error log messages, in which case I will have to rename log.ini. A command line switch would be nice, but the --nowarnings mentioned in the docs doesn't seem to have any effect in this. This is Zope 2.9 by the way.

I didn't bother to understand the fine points of the log.ini format. I guess it's there for those people who need something special or those who have the time to cut the leaves on their bonsai trees every morning.

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Re: Suppress zLOG output in Zope tests

Usage of zLOG is disappearing and logging module is now the favorite. Any idea how to suppress those excessive warnings?

Posted by: Peter Bengtsson at February 01,2008 12:42
Re: Suppress zLOG output in Zope tests

Peter, zLOG is here to stay. Nowadays it's just a thin wrapper around the logging module. zLOG has been un-deprecated, there are no more deprecation warnings for zLOG and it works as good as ever.

Posted by: betabug at February 01,2008 12:51
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