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04 December 2007

Autumn Leaves

Not so common here
Autumn trees with yellow leaves in Athens center

Trees can be very different in Greece compared to northern Europe. While up there Autumn is the season when the leaves are turning yellow and red, and Winter is when trees and fields are barren, here it's more green in Winter, and dry and yellow in Summer. There are some small exceptions in Athens, where trees have leaves that turn yellow. They do so a bit late too. It's already early December, but these trees looked nice in this morning's sun.

Most of the time I don't think it's any good to compare countries. They do this one way here and another way there, so what? You got used to one thing and they don't have it here? I prefer to adapt. There are times when it gets confusing, because some habits were rooted deeply in you when you grew up. For me those are the moments when I step back and try to just observe the difference, not judge it.

When it really gets confusing it might help to have a place to retreat to, a good home where you are allowed to have things your way, even if that's a bit different from local habits. In the end, I take what I like from the local habits. I'm here because I like it, so it's easy to take a lot.

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Re: Autumn Leaves

That is so true!!! I always tell people, "adapt or die" because change and acceptance are natural things. Unfortunately, I have the kind of site where people are always asking, "what's the difference between this and that." And I'm thinking, how do I answer this question? The answer is completely unique and relative to an individual. Better to just respect and take joy in differences.

Posted by: kat at December 07,2007 15:07
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