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08 December 2007

Rain Outside a 2CV

Two cylinders put-puting down memory lane

It's raining outside. I really enjoy this "sitting inside with the rain out of the window" thing. As a child I didn't have that, back then rain (or in general bad weather) was more of the "cant' go outside, so have to be bored" thing, even though I was a bookworm anyway. At some point that turned. Well, tonight when I ventured outside to get some food, I saw a nice red 2CV with white wings.

That sight reminded me of the feeling of running through the rain to my own 2CV, then fumbling with the door lock, jumping inside (seats and the whole car's suspension heaving), slamming the door behind me. And then sitting there for a second before starting the car, enjoying the moment of "being in the dry" and hearing the raindrops on the roof, transitioning myself from hectic necessity to get out of the rain to a mood more fitting for careful driving. Last step: Trying to get the heating emit anything resembling enough heat to fight the fogging of the windows (yeah I know, I wrote "trying" for a reason).

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