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14 December 2007

Celebrating with Chäshörnli

Always a reason to party!

The swiss political system is very peculiar - it's very much different from most other countries systems. For example, we have only 7 ministers in the government, and they come from 4 different parties. For four years we had a certain Multi-Millionaire by the name of Christoph Blocher in the government, someone on the "political right", who (as usual) plays the role of "people's poltitician" but in truth just bought his way to power. Well, to make a long story short, his stint in the government will be over by the end of the year. The swiss political system is built on cooperation, compromise, and consociationalism - which didn't work well with someone who wanted all the power for himself. In the end the system was healthy enough to clean up itself.

Myself I was smiling all day yesterday. Not only does it mean that the country where I grew up has still some chances for a continuation of a political system that is slightly more sane than other countries', but it also means that it's much easier not having to explain to non-swiss people why a country that is perceived as free and democratic has someone like Blocher in the government.

So, yesterday I bought some swiss cheese and tonight I'll serve my friends swiss Chäshörnli (recipe in Greek) in celebration. Always a reason to party! I should translate that recipe to English and take some nice pictures. Hmm, I should get a real camera (like wildweasel tells me all the time), so I could take food pictures like the ones on the Once Upon a Tart blog. Incidentally I found her by searching for chäshörnli pictures, but her recipe is much different from mine.

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