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17 December 2007

Tilt! Tilt!

And ring the bell

There I was, early morning in bed, already awake with thoughts and problems rolling around in my head and me rolling around in my bed. Felt like a pinball machine, with me involuntarily hitting the ball again and again, rocking the machine and cursing myself for not finding sleep again. Hey, I have to get to work later, can't I find some rest? I expected my mind to go "tilt" any moment. Maybe that would have been a good thing, but the ball didn't stop rocking back and forth.

Then my wake up clock rang. I grabbed it, shut it down, settled back for a moment and... closed my eyes to fall sound asleep. I even dreamed nice and cozy dreams. To make an end to this story: I managed to get up almost in time, but I seriously need to rewire that wake up clock. It's supposed to ring when I have to wake up, not when I fall asleep.

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