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30 December 2007

Going to see some snow

Travelling to Germany and Switzerland

The last post on this blog was about the Internet stations at Athens Airport. I saw them, because I was flying to Munich on the late afternoon of the 25th December. In Munich it was much colder, which was expected. This time the temperature change did not shock me as much as in November. Maybe I got a bit used to it, maybe it was because while it was colder now, back in November the temperature difference between the two places was bigger, with more than 20ºC. First thing in Munich, we went to a bavarian restaurant and I got a nice duck for dinner.

Parting with wildweasel at the train station

A friend comes over for some beers

We had talked with wildweasel about the chance of him coming over from leatherpantz counry (Tirol) for a short visit. As usual, at first it seemed possible, then our schedules wouldn't work out, then again he decided he might hop on a train a day earlier and ping, there he was. The last time I had seen him on Limnos. He had gotten a bit more athletic, all that climbing seems to have had a positive effect on him. Since his train was late, we went straight to dinner, at an ethiopean restaurent. In case you haven't eaten at an ethiopean restaurant, you eat with your fingers there. It's all very spicy and good, so we were well fed when we went further to a bavarian place to get some beers into our guest.

Thanks to the gf's family and some organization, wiwi had a place to crash and we had breakfast before going to the train station. The weasel man sent us off to our train to Switzerland and he left shortly after back to more mountaineous territories.

The lighthouse in Lindau at the Lake of Constance

Where is the snow?

On our side, we had a stop at Lindau, with a break of 45 minutes. We took a stroll down to the lake of constance, enjoyed the view and somehow less enjoyed the cold. On the way through bavaria we had seen quite a bit of snow, so we expected the same to be around in Switzerland. But there was no snow. Cold, wintery, but no snow.

On our first evening, my father had his monthly "stand up comedy news" show at the Restaurant Drahtseilbahn in St.Gallen. He plays a gruffy old news host who reads down the news, mixed in with comments and bonmots about current politics and affairs. A lot of it relates to swiss politics and events, but if you understand German, most of it is still funny even if you don't know all the background stories. Amongst the guests where an uncle of mine and some of his friends, so we had a good family atmosphere.

Snowy landscape in Appenzell / Switzerland

On Saturday we mostly relaxed and went out to eat. Since we were up higher now, there was already more snow around. It hasn't snowed in a while, so what we saw was just what hadn't melted away yet. Today we went out to eat at a restaurant in the Appenzell region (where the famous cheese is coming from) and there is more snow there at the moment. That's where the picture above was taken. Tomorrow, at the 1st of january, that restaurant will remain open from 5:30 in the morning until 5:00 in the morning the next day. They have this tradition of boys and young men going up early in the new year and "driving the old year out" with cowbells, banging, and anything that makes a lot of noise.

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Re: Going to see some snow

Glad to see it worked out for you guys!

P.S. don't worry about the pix they're great, specially the one with the snow!

Posted by: Rodolfo Gouveia at December 30,2007 20:37
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