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03 January 2008

Shop 'til You Drop!

... and look at the ice skaters on the way
Ice skaters on Munich's "Stachus" square

This vacation I've been bitten by the shopping virus. I got books, books, books, earphones, chocolate (as usual mostly to give away), a new firewire cable for my old iPod, swimming trunks (we're planning to go to an indoor pool here), and a cheap digital camera (at a reduced price, more about that one in another post Real Soon Now™). To top all this, today I went out and got a suitcase with wheels, because no way am I going to carry all that weight over my shoulder to the airport. I'll be broke, but at least my back won't hurt.

On the way to today's shopping spree, we came by Munich's "Stachus" square. This time of year it sports an ice rink with people enjoying skating under an exceptional blue sky. In the back of the picture you can see the palace of justice. Usually it's more gray skies here, and it seems to be always cold.

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