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06 January 2008

Nymphenburg Palace On Ice

A winter wonderland, especially when in a warm room and looking at pix
Ice skaters on Nymphenburg Channel

Yesterday we went for a walk next to the channel leading to the Nymphenburg Palace. I've been there before, but this time the little lake at the start of the channel and the channel itself were frozen. People skating on the ice and playing Eisstockschiessen (ice stock sport, aka bavarian curling). It had been cold for a few days, and it was cold as we marched along the channel. See some pictures, bigger than usual, because of my nice new camera...

Ice skaters on a little lake at Nymphenburg Channel

This is the little lake where we started to walk next to the channel. There were a lot of people ice skating, some even playing a little bit of hockey.

It was possible to rent skates, so we planned to go back today, but then it rained today and we changed plans.

Nymphenburg channel full of bavarians playing their curling

This is a view from one of the first bridges over the channel. Up to here there were a few kids playing hockey, this is where the serious business starts: A lots of Bavarians use the chance to play the game of Eisstockschiessen (ice stock sport, aka "bavarian curling"). You can click on the image for a bigger view.

The game is simple. You have these "sticks" that everyone shoots along the lane at a little piece of wood. The stick closest to the piece of wood wins. There seems to be a team situation going on too, dunno about that, but it looked like that from the way people cheered or argued.

Player getting up to shoot

First you have to swing to get your stick up to speed...

Player shooting his stick

Then you shoot or slide it at the target.

Ice stock sport players discussing the results

... and in the end you have to discuss who won!

Nymphenburg Castle seen over a frozen Nymphenburg channel

Finally we almost reached the Nymphenburg Palace. We got a nice glimpse, I took some pics, then we turned around. It was too cold for our taste. But you can compare these pictures with the ones I took before, in November 2006.

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