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08 January 2008

The Glyptothek in Munich

Another Bavarian - Greek connection
Architecture and sculpture meet at the Glyptotech in Munich

On my last day in Munich, we paid a visit to the Glyptothek. This is a museum that was built by King Ludwig I to house a collection of sculptures, mainly from Greece. What a suitable location when travelling home to Athens the next day! The exhibition is quite impressive. I've been there before and I'm always enjoying the mix of the classical art with the architecture from Leo von Klenze. This time I mainly went there to get some pictures to try out my new camera. I was lucky to get some acceptable pictures so I'm thinking about getting some kind of "gallery" function on my site to be able to present them better.

I think everytime when you revisit a place, you notice something new. This time it was the difference between the current appearance of the place (everything in white to light earth tones, nothing in color) and the original layout (where lots of things were vividly colored). This kind of reflects the sculptures too, as many of them were painted "in their days" and have been sanded to marble colors by time.

The very next day I went home to a warmer Athens. I bet if some of the sculptures could talk they would wish to do the same too.

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