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10 January 2008

Night Pictures

It's dark

The days are already getting longer, but when I get out of work it's still dark outside. Time to try out my new camera in low light or night situations. I planned to make these pictures for my (yet to be published) review of my new camera (coming Real Soon Now™). Anyway, as I've got nothing to write, here are the pictures...

First I passed by the theater of Mimi Denissi, a famous Greek actor (θέατρο Ιλίσια Ντενίση). I liked the lights, so I snapped a shot. With all the lights shortening the exposure time it wasn't hard to hold the camera steady - 1/20s F2.8 400ISO.

Theatro Ilisia Denisi in Athens by night.

I had taken a few street scenes before, but they didn't turn out so nice. (Isn't it cool to be able to see the results immediately with a digital camera?) It took me a while to find out why: The camera measures the light of the overall scene and tries to adjust the exposure for an average day scene. But night pictures should reflect the darker mood with lots of black. Therefore I corrected the exposure down by 1.5 to 2 F-stops.

The next picture isn't really special, but I think it illustrates this point quite nice.

Cars waiting at Athens traffic light by night.

Considering the camera, the nice part about this picture is how well it copes with the contrast of the street and car lamps and the black shadows. Not much of a halo around the lights. (1/20s, F3.6, 400ISO).

Pedestrians waiting at Athens traffic light by night.

I made some other pictures that weren't up to the standard to show around. But I like this shot, of a lady waiting at the traffic light. I think the yellowish reflection of the natrium street lamps on the asphalt works well to remind me of the atmosphere.

The streak of the cars lights and the blur of the cars motion constrasts well with how static the figure of the lady waits.

I would have liked the faces of the pedestrians on the opposite side to come out bigger (they look cool behind the cars blur when enlarged), but you can't have it all in a wide angle picture.

1/8s, F3.0, 400ISO - talking about exposure times and F-stops: I haven't quite understood the logic behind the exposure calculations in my camera. It sometimes puts a lot of importance on the F-stop, even when it announces an exposure time that might lead to shaky pictures.

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Re: Night Pictures

Time ago I read about "night pictures" and I got one trick that perhaps can be useful: do them while there is still a bit of sun light.

You can still adjust the camera to get those dark streets, but the small amount of light from the sun will help those CCD to get better colours and not so much noise.

BTW: I'm a n00b with cameras.

Posted by: graffic at January 11,2008 01:04
Re: Night Pictures

Ahm! I forgot something: the first picture is really nice :D

Posted by: graffic at January 11,2008 01:05
Re: Night Pictures

Hey graffic, I think to take "night pictures" with daylight still, you would need a "neutral grey" filter. The camera can't correct enough to do this in itself.

Posted by: betabug at January 11,2008 10:23
Re: Night Pictures

First one is cool, I like lights and colours.

Posted by: r0sk at January 11,2008 12:22
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