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11 January 2008

There Should Be a Rootkit Detector On It Too...

The new and the old
Matohandra and USB memory stick from my keychain

Somehow I think this combination of "matohandra" (ματόχαντρα) and USB memory stick on a detachable part of my keychain is extremely funny. If you didn't know, a "matohandra" is a charm that helps against the evil eye. Actually there should be a rookit detector on the USB memory stick too :-) The new and the old.

Of course if I had such bad taste as to use Windoze, I could put an Antivirus package on the USB stick, that would fit in with the "metaphysical" aspect too.

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Re: There Should Be a Rootkit Detector On It Too...

Perhaps it can also work to remove/avoid bugs in the code that is stored in the drive. Or even you can hang one in each server rack to avoid hackers :P (The ones need a huge one).

Today, instead of my pendrive I carry a small harddrive in my bag. It'd be funny if someone asks me for a "external memory drive", and expecting a pendrive I give him the "block".

Kalo sabatokiriako.

Posted by: graffic at January 11,2008 14:06
Re: There Should Be a Rootkit Detector On It Too...

There is indeed a small ματόχαντρα hanging on the server :-)

Posted by: betabug at January 11,2008 14:17
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