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12 January 2008

graffic meets betabug meets graffic

Foreign programmers in Greece meetup
Blogger and programmers meet in Kolonaki cafeteria

Here I am, sitting outside a Kolonaki bar with graffic having a beer and talking about being a foreign programmer in Greece. Graffic is from Spain and works here at a big ISP, writing Java and Python stuff. He's here for much of the same reason than me: It's just nice to be here.

We've been to the Parko Eleftherias first for some coffee, now we're hitting the beers and drinks. Unfortunately I left my camera cable at home, so the picture is taken with the camera of his MacBook pro.

Graf: Really nice place Parko Eleftherias, I've never been there, but since today it has become a place to visit again with my friends. What else... It's a bit cold to write, but I hope a beer can help a bit :)

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Re: graffic meets betabug meets graffic

Back at home! My Macbook is still frozen :D It was a nice afternoon.

Posted by: graffic at January 12,2008 22:29
Re: graffic meets betabug meets graffic

I think it's wonderful when bloggers meet up and get on really well. I think you can generally tell that you are going to hit it off before you even see each other.

Glad you had a good time. That cafe is lovely isn't it? I was introduced to it last year. A well kept secret.

Posted by: Devious Diva at January 13,2008 20:11
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