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16 January 2008

Study and Play

Congratulations Eleni!
The fries at the Athens University building in Panepistimiou, by night

Yesterday afternoon the gf had her (second to last) final exam... and passed! Congratulations Eleni! I'm so proud of you!

I'm usually shy to put too personal stuff on my weblog. But yesterday was in a large part governed by this exam. In the morning we phoned, I was nervous through the last preparations, then was even more nervous through the one hour that her professor quizzed her on her three chosen areas of musicology. In the end she got a good grade and one chapter of her studies is closing.

Unfortunately we had to celebrate apart: While she went out with friends in Munich, I went out with a few good friends, first to a bar near Klathmonos square, then to the taverna "Ipeiros" in the meat market in Athinas street. On the way back I passed by the Athens University building in Panepistimiou street, which connects me to the gf in multiple ways: First it was at this uni that she studied for a year in Athens (not necessarily at this building), then it is an example of neoclassical, "othonian" architecture, and she knows all and everything about that period, which I find quite cool.

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Re: Study and Play

Congratulations!!! And good luck in her "new life" :)

You cannot stop using the camera :P Good one. In a while you'll have to build an "Athens at night" gallery.

Posted by: graffic at January 16,2008 13:36
Re: Study and Play

Thanx graffic!

Yeah, I'm thinking about the gallery thing. There should be some Zope products for that around. I'd want to create one gallery for private and one for public pictures though.

Posted by: betabug at January 16,2008 14:09
Re: Study and Play

Since betabug pretends he is learning French and learning it fast, here is my comment in Molière's language. Fjear.

Cher betabug, chère Eleni,
Je suis content pour vous. J'imagine assez bien ce qu'on peut ressentir après avoir réussi de telles épreuves. Cela fait bien longtemps que j'ai quitté les bancs de l'école. J'en éprouve une certaine nostalgie d'ailleurs. En tout cas, je vous dis "Chapeau bas !".
En espérant fêter cela ensemble un jour à Paris, avec du Pastis bien tassé pour betabug et des jus de fruits naturels pour nous ;-)

Sincèrement, saad.

Posted by: Saad Kadhi at January 16,2008 21:37
Re: Study and Play

Merci pour tes mots, mon ami! Come je t'avais déja dis, pour moi l'ecole n'etait rien de spéciale.

Et bien, je crois que Eleni préferait un Pastis sur le jus de fruits :-)

Posted by: betabug at January 16,2008 22:26
Re: Study and Play

I totally agree ;)

Posted by: graffic at January 18,2008 12:25
Re: Study and Play

Congrats Eleni! Συχγαρητήρια και καλή σταδιοδρομία!

Posted by: Panagiotis at January 19,2008 19:24
Re: Study and Play

To Graffic:
Thank you for your good wishes!

To Saad:
Since my french is not that good, I just say: Merci!
And I like too see Paris very much. So perhaps we can meet there some day.

To Panagiotis:
Ευχαριστώ πολύ για τα συγχαρητήρια σου. Θα τα πούμε από κοντά σε λίγο για να το γιορτάσουμε.

to Sascha:
Einen großen Teil von diesem Erfolg trägst du. Vielen Dank für deine Unterstüzung!

Posted by: Eleni at January 20,2008 02:18
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