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19 January 2008

Locomondo - Greek Reggae

Nuclear Fusion at the Kyttaro

When Panos' SMS reached my phone, I was deep into messing up some data structures in python, my ears plugged with some soothing tunes. Only a few hours later did I come around to look at the phone and notice the invitiation for a concert of "Locomondo plays at the Kyttaro, you're in?" To be honest, I had to look up Locomondo, but once I did, I remembered some posters I had seen and a song that I had heard. So what kind of band is Locomondo? It's a Greek reggae band. What's more, they don't stop at giving Jamaican music a tribute, they fuse with some good Greek influences. This could all be very cheesy, but in fact it r0xx!

Locomondo on stage at the Kyttaro, January 17th, 2008

After some attempt to inform everyone and the world about this concert, it started to become clear that it was me, my flatmates and Panos for company. Not that it mattered, because we're one hell of a gang. The Kyttaro is located in my old neighborhood, near Viktoria Square. We arrived there a quarter of an hour late, which means way too early. We were almost the first ones to enter the venue. We stood around and commented on the crowd. The place finally filled up, but not to the point where it was full. That was something that turned out useful later on.

When the band started to play, they immediately moved into a groovie rhythm. My legs started to move under me, my body started to swing. They were playing good and I couldn't stop dancing. I grooved through most of the concerts, and in the faster pieces, me and my friends were dancing something like the pogo and crash into each other. Further in front of the stage, there was a large group of people doing the same, and this was the point where it came in handy that the place wasn't really filled to the brim, they had some room to move.

Apart from the mostly greek lyrics, Locomondo uses also some Greek musical influences. There is one piece based on an old Greek song "Frankosyriani", starting with a bouzouki playing, there were many pieces with greek bagpipes and a cretan style violin (not a lyra though). I've rarely heard musical fusion work out so well.

When the band took a break they sent a lady called Natasha (didn't get the family name) on stage, who sang some songs to an acoustic guitar, she has a good voice. She also sang in some of the later songs, together with the band. The concert ended at about 1:30. I was dog tired, but happy to have been there.

There's a documentary about Locomondo and one of their more known songs is online as a fan movie from another concert (but they didn't play this song in this concert).

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Re: Locomondo - Greek Reggae

I feel jealous for not being able to go :(

But at least people enjoyed :) That's good. At least here in Greece people like music and you can find an interesting live performance.

Hope to your troop next time :)

Posted by: graffic at January 21,2008 06:31
Re: Locomondo - Greek Reggae

graffic! It was a pitty that you couldn't make it! I'll keep you updated on further adventures so the next time you can have fun with us.

Posted by: betabug at January 22,2008 10:31
Re: Locomondo - Greek Reggae

...almost forgot: Yes, being able to go for life music is great! I'm lucky that Panos always digs up the good stuff and gets me going.

Posted by: betabug at January 22,2008 10:32
Re: Locomondo - Greek Reggae

I'm gonna see these guys tomorrow night at Kyttaro. Can't wait!

Posted by: Alex at February 13,2010 18:55
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