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22 January 2008

Do I Get To Keep My New Camera?

Should it stay or should it go now?

After yesterdays camera review post, there was a flurry of comments (not something I'm that much used to). So far most of them remarked on the cake in one of the pictures, bummer. One little bit more drastic reaction came from saad, who posted a blog answer Ditch The Camera, Your Phone Roxx! and even went as far as to set up an online petition to get the old style eerie, crappy camera pixx back... what can I say? Do I get to keep my new toy^Wcamera? Should I go back to taking blurry, otherworldly phonecam shots? Maybe you can decide!

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Re: Do I Get To Keep My New Camera?

Are you happy with it? Does it serve for your purposes?

Yes, nothing is perfect, everything can be improved and if you're really picky you'll finish without camera (or buying an expensive one).

But, does it serve you?

PD: my new mobile phone costed 25 euros + 35 to unlock it. Total 60 euros, and the camera is crappy (Ok, I only want it for calls from Spain). But a good mobile with decent camera, costs.... near 200 or 300 euros.

Posted by: graffic at January 22,2008 11:00
Re: Do I Get To Keep My New Camera?

we want our bebu back!

Posted by: wiwi at January 22,2008 21:48
Re: Do I Get To Keep My New Camera?

keep it of coz!
at least you can always choose between the two although I personally prefer the new one.

saad said: "Give betabug a crappy phone camera, he'll produce true art". but think about it if the crappy images are automatically like that from the phone, then how can it be an art? Not to disregard your montage skills betabug ;-)

Let the games begin...

Posted by: Rodolfo Gouveia at January 22,2008 22:02
Re: Do I Get To Keep My New Camera?

wait, this is not about moving to venezuela? damn.

Posted by: wiwi at January 22,2008 22:05
Re: Do I Get To Keep My New Camera?

What about mess a bit the optic of your digicam?. some crazy fingers could help.

Posted by: r0sk at January 23,2008 17:39
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