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25 January 2008

Sunlight In Green

Who says Athens is only gray?
Grove in the Alsos Ilision, Athens, Greece.

After a very interesting evening out yesterday, I went home early from work today. Normally when I leave work, it's already dark outside. Going home early for a change has the benefit to see the famous sunlight of Attica at work. There were many scenes where I wanted to take a picture, but I must admit I was too lazy, sick and hung over to get my camera out (or even the phone).

Instead I'll throw you this picture I took last Saturday in the Alsos Ilision and then stitched together to a small panorama using Hugin. I've had this picture open for all this week on my work computer, couldn't get enough to look at it. It's very much different from the montage/panorama pictures I made with my phone cam with their crazy eeriness and homemade air, but still I like it. It's just a nice little grove, and it shows me that there are some very beautiful places in our city.

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Re: Sunlight In Green

Beautiful photo and interesting software -Hugin-. I'll take a look asap.

Posted by: r0sk at January 28,2008 10:28
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