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30 January 2008

To The Bone

Cold and shaky
Dressing up for office work

Yesterday the earth shook. Today it's chilly cold.

It might not be a record breaking low in temperatures, but the cold goes to the bone when you sit all day in the office. Better to dress up and try to shield yourself from the outside world.

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Re: To The Bone

in that picture, you remind me of rocky balboa!


Posted by: Wu at January 31,2008 09:47
Re: To The Bone

Hehehe, Rockybug!

Posted by: r0sk at January 31,2008 09:56
Re: To The Bone

I hold my breath before going out from the office. Run home, and then breathe again.

But it's really cold. Yahoo weather says that it will improve. But today the difference with my lovely and cold home in Spain is 1?

Posted by: graffic at February 01,2008 09:34
Re: To The Bone

graffic, sorry, your comment somehow got stuck in my system. I had to re-add it manually, I hope this doesn't happen again!

It looks to me as if it's slowly getting better, slightly warmer now.

Wu, r0sk, ... Rocky? Me? wtf? (as imprinted on the hoody... :-)

Posted by: betabug at February 01,2008 09:37
Re: To The Bone

I'd rather say "Coldy Balboa" since he is now stuck with a cold :-)

Posted by: Saad Kadhi at February 08,2008 06:49
Re: To The Bone

Coughy Balboa... thank you all for your considerate thoughts!

Posted by: betabug at February 09,2008 12:16
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