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30 January 2008

Testing a new moblog setup for COREBlog

Not a really interesting post

I'm just testing a new moblog setup for my weblog. "moblog" means "mobile blogging", which means I can post by mail or with my phone. As this is just a test, the real content will come later likely...

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Re: Testing a new moblog setup for COREBlog

Can you post pics form email? that would be cool :)

Posted by: graffic at January 30,2008 22:55
Re: Testing a new moblog setup for COREBlog

Hey graffic, yes you can post pictures from the phone. Actually one picture per post, but that's just fine. COREBlog already had this ability, but the built-in moblog setup works through a POP3 account, I've hacked it to work through procmail. I'll post more on the details later.

Posted by: betabug at January 31,2008 07:23
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