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07 February 2008

Jumping the Law... a Little

Pedestrian traffic lights

This morning on the way to work a pedestrian traffic light turned to red right when I arrived at the intersection. Pedestrian traffic lights of course don't mean much in Athens, so instead of patiently waiting for it to turn green again, I stepped forward, ready to cross the street on the red light on the first opening in traffic. While I waited, a guy in a suit walked up and waited next to me. The first lull in traffic came, suit guy moved across the street... but my good upbringing showed, I waited, because after the break in traffic there was a single police car coming along.

Now I don't believe that the police here gives even an old 50 drachmas bill about a pedestrian crossing with red while they drive by, but certain childhood conditioning seemed to have shown through. As there was a second pause in traffic right after the "black and white", I assembled my courage and stepped forward to pass right after the police. Interesting enough, in the car sat just a single police man... and he was talking on his mobile phone. So much for keeping to the law myself.

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Re: Jumping the Law... a Little

Nope, there were two cops. Remember suit guy? ;-)

Posted by: Saad Kadhi at February 08,2008 06:46
Re: Jumping the Law... a Little

Suit guy could have been a cop only if the cops have a marketing department these days.

Posted by: betabug at February 09,2008 12:15
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