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09 February 2008

Cheesy Aftermath

The weather was right for it too
The battlefield on the next day

It's actually still winter here, as evidenced by my hard-to-eradicate cold and the cold, wet and windy weather. Yesterday after staying in bed all day (helped a lot with the cold), we had friends over for Fondue. The stuff fits with the weather. Take for example our guests: Our friend Panos (libero) came in totally frozen through from riding on his new motorbike. There's nothing like burning hot liquid cheese to get him warmed up again.

There were some lessons to be learned too: 1.5 kilos of cheese is adequate for 7 people. Unless of course one of them happens to be our friend Thanassis (McKellaris), but it all came out well, since Eleni had made a lot of salad and there was definitely no shortage of bread. Speaking of bread: The hard part in making a good Fondue in Greece is not getting the cheese or the equipment, it's getting good bread that won't just fall apart when cheese diving for more than 3 seconds.

Each time I make Fondue I promise this to be the last time, because I get really anxious for the mix-and-heat process to fail. This time I really voiced my ph34r, which resulted in our friend Javier (aka graffic) to offer to make a spanish omelett instead if all goes wrong. I guess we have to take on his offer on another day!

Oh, the picture. It's what I saw this morning when I woke up and visited the living room. We left a bit of a battlefield, but with a joint effort it was cleaned up fast and easy.

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Re: Cheesy Aftermath

I don think that Panos ate the roasted cheese from the bottom of the fondue because of the cold (hehehe).

For me was the first fondue in my life. My mother, my ant, some friends, all told me about "that thing". It was time to try it and Sasha 's invitation was the opportunity I needed (or go to a restaurant).

The spanish omelette offer is still on ;) I guess that at the end of the month I will make a "small" party at my dungeon, so perhaps it's gonna be a nice opportunity for you to try it ;)

Sorry for leaving the living room in that state :P

Posted by: graffic at February 11,2008 01:21
Re: Cheesy Aftermath

I think we'll definitely take on your spanish omelette offer!

Don't worry about the living room, it was sorted out real fast. :-)

Posted by: betabug at February 11,2008 09:11
Re: Cheesy Aftermath

Hummm. I heard spanish omelette? send me a piece by email or so :D.

Posted by: r0sk at February 11,2008 11:34
Re: Cheesy Aftermath

@r0sk: you can take a plane, I have a sofa bed here :P

Posted by: graffic at February 12,2008 01:22
Re: Cheesy Aftermath

Hmm, on May (19 or 20, dunno yet) I'll arrive on Athens, so that would be a good time to probe Ouzo ;).

Posted by: r0sk at February 14,2008 09:56
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