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12 February 2008

Veto! Ouzo @ Lesvos


We are with company, drinking ouzo (of the Veto brand) and having eaten appetizers at the ouzerie "Lesvos" in Exarheia.

Appart from the company, I also have something to celebrate: Eleni received her Master (Magister) with very good grades today! Wow!

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Re: Veto! Ouzo @ Lesvos

Nice meeting and nice company :) A good oportunity to practice greek with food and ouzo too.

Congratulations to Eleni, I guess she has worked hard for her degree Thus now she's got what she deserves (a really good grade and a good b.f.).

BTW: I'm not the only one who arrives late in the building. Just now my neighbour got inside her apartment :)

Posted by: graffic at February 13,2008 00:22
Re: Veto! Ouzo @ Lesvos

Συγχαρητήρια για την Ελένη! Τερμάτισε το μετρητή της βαθμολογίας.

Posted by: Panagiotis at February 14,2008 13:05
Re: Veto! Ouzo @ Lesvos

Vin résiné bien arrivé à bon port, que deux bouteilles cassées.

Vin délicieux qui nous régale bien, nous et nos amis.

Et pour l'apéro de l'ouzo veto bien sur !!!!!!

Posted by: LE ROUIC Annick de FRANCE at July 09,2009 18:36
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