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19 February 2008

Oh, yeah, the Snow in Greece

Guess I should be writing about this

Everybody is writing about the snow in Greece and in Athens. I probably should be doing the same, as Google sends a lot of people my way who look for information about this. Well, I'll keep it short, because I'm busy with a lot more personal stuff. None of your business, thanks for asking. Here goes:

It started snowing Saturday evening. I was out of Athens, Sunday morning there was a white blanket. You can see my friend Panos filming some of the first snow from his balcony. Later the balcony and the flowers were covered with snow. graffic and me had a bit of a fun time returning to Athens, as by that time traffic had started to break down.

Monday was even more fun. It had stopped snowing, but due to the snow on the streets and the cold the city had come to a standstill. Nobody was in my workplace, I didn't really have a means to get there, so I stayed at home and worked from there. This morning I plan to go, but I'm still waiting if indeed someone will show up. Don't want to fight my way through the frozen streets just to discover the office closed.

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Re: Oh, yeah, the Snow in Greece

I bet it just reminds you the good ol' Swiss days ;-)
Bebu is not afraid of snow anyway!

Posted by: xsa at February 19,2008 09:37
Re: Oh, yeah, the Snow in Greece

Ofcoz I'm not afraid :-) I've got my good old swiss mountain boots (have been using them for like 2 days in the last years) and the snow and ice are no problem at all.

Posted by: betabug at February 19,2008 09:59
Re: Oh, yeah, the Snow in Greece

Nice weekend. The food in the tsaki + good company was great, because good food without good company is nothing.

Posted by: graffic at February 23,2008 10:22
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