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28 February 2008

Auf der anderen Seite / The Edge of Heaven

Going to the cinema

Yesterday evening went to watch "Auf der anderen Seite" (English title: "On The Other Side" or "The Edge of Heaven", Ελληνικά: "Η άκρη του ουρανού"). It left a deep impression on me. It's very melancholic, and in some parts it made me sad. The short story summary is that a second generation Turkish guy travels from Germany to Turkey to find the daughter of his father's dead girlfriend. Lots of people pass each other by a hairs margin, not everything works out.

Beautiful pictures from Istanbul (and Turkey in general). Characters you can love, even if they are in no way perfect humans. A story that just ends, with an open thread left to unwind in your head and soul. I left the cinema, touched.

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