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28 February 2008

Big City Catching Up

The cultural thing

One big advantage people usually give for living in a big city is that you have lots of choice in cultural events. It's all too true, but you have to get your ass up and actually go there. The last week or so I did. Here's a bit of catching up on it...

Last Friday evening we went to see and listen to Yiorgos Psihoyios play his Jazz "Love Obsession" at the Institut Française in Athens. I was there with company, some of which didn't like it and left early. Myself I loved it. Bought a CD and my flatmate bought the 2nd CD. Damn it, the concert was even free! Just walk in and enjoy world class Jazz, performed live by devoted musicians.

On Saturday I didn't do much, except read a book, slack, and clean the house. Probably I lamented my personal fate, cursed myself for not getting my ass up to do all the things I want to in my private projects, but wtf, there has to be a time to relax and gather strength again.

Karagiosis (dressed as carnival director) with band

Sunday on the other hand started with a performance of Greek shadow theater Karagiosis, which I went to see at the Plaka, together with good friends. They played "The Carnival of Karagiosis", not one of the traditional plays, but fun none the less. The picture shows Karagiosis dressed as carnival director, with the band performing the ending "kalamatianos". Went to enjoy the good weather (such a relief after all the cold and snow) in a cafeteria in Thision afterwards. Tout Athènes had the same idea of course.

On Tuesday I met the International Pizza gang at the ouzerie Lesvos in Exarheia. One of the unforgettable evenings with this bunch of most excellent friends and drinking buddies ensued. Of course going out with good friends and enjoying excellent food and drink can be had in a small town or village too, I don't say that.

There are reasons to stay in a small village too. I love that life myself. If you want to know why, instead of reading my lame articles, you have to head over to kassandra (who is lately silent, to my great despair) and read her wonderful piece The Village vs. The City.

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