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02 March 2008

Foody Weekend

Food is always good

This weekend had an interesting twist on the usual food-centric current phase of my life. Where I had planned to spend the Saturday evening at home looking after an old project of mine, soaking up some calories only from a souvlaki from the shop up the street, all of a sudden graffic appeared online and... one thing led to another, he came over to my place an hour later, ready to cook us a true tortilla (aka spanish omelette). By that time FF with company had arrived too, coming home from traveling for 2 weeks, so there we went, with company and storytelling.

I love graffic's tortilla. It's amazing how something that consists only of potatoes, eggs, and onions can taste so delicate. It was past midnight when he got it ready, but none of us had a problem to eat so late.

This noon most of the usual gang went to the Greek Restaurant Papayanni - one of my favorites close by. The meat stuff there is fantastic, a simple bifteki is getting a whole new dimension. We also enjoyed the nice weather, eating at a table on the sidewalk.

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