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03 March 2008

A Printer To Plug In

Brother HL-2030

This evening I bought a printer. I believe it's the third printer I bought in all my life. I'm not the kind of guy who prints out a lot of stuff, I value my trees. But lately I thought very much about reviving an old project of mine, which will involve going through some texts, making revisions. A job that is done much better on paper than on screen. When I saw how cheap laser printers have become, I nearly fell off my chair. 100 Euros for a laser printer? wtf?

Well, what can I say now? I've got a brand new Brother HL-2030 at home. It has a USB connection (I'm used to networked printers, but this is fine for my single computer). It prints quite nice, has space for 250 pages, doesn't make a lot of noise. It also gets disconnected from the electricity plug when not in use, no standby power for me please.

FF nearly fell over when he watched me switch it on for the very first time, then connect the MacBook, and without installing anything, just do the first printout. The Mac picked up the printer model right away and apparently the printer description came with the OS. I had to change the default paper size to be A4, that's all. FF's laptop has "Vista", so there would be a special CD for him, together with an extra booklet (apart from the normal Windows setup booklet). To imagine that when he shopped for a computer they told him not to buy a Mac, because it would be difficult to find a matching printer.

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Re: A Printer To Plug In


The only advantage is that sometimes Windows drivers have more options than the normal ones. For laser printers the options I guess are the same but i had an inkjet and Windows had quite more options.

Posted by: graffic at March 04,2008 16:43
Re: A Printer To Plug In

Yeah, for inkjets you need stuff like "clean the head" etc. in the driver. But for a laser I wouldn't know what the driver should offer and any user interface different from the standard would only annoy me.

FF's face at the moment was priceless!

Posted by: betabug at March 05,2008 10:03
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