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05 March 2008

Eat Simple

Mozzarella and Tomatoes
Mozzarella and a sauce of fresh tomatoes

On my way home yesterday evening I passed by a supermarket further away from our area and there I found some Mozzarella di Bufala. Imagining that it would be expensive, I took just one of these and two "normal" Mozzarella. (Mistake: The price difference is minimal and the taste much better.) Went home and motivated FF to make us some special pasta using his expert Italian pastah mastah skillz.

Which he did... cutting the Mozzarella in small pieces. Boiling over (to peel) 2 ripe tomatoes, cutting them in small pieces too (in a separate bowl, see pic). Seasoning the tomato sauce to be with a bit of salt, a little bit of fresh garlic, capers, some oregano, olive oil. Then stowing the sauce a short while in the freezer. At the same time cooking the pasta (Rigatoni) al dente. When the pasta were done, bringing them into a big bowl, mixing in first the tomato sauce, then the mozzarella.

A very simple recipe, a very excellent food that is usually served in summer. The tomatoes were of course out of season, but us being in Greece they still had enough taste. Mjam.

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Re: Eat Simple

I just woke up. I thought I wasn't hungry until i saw that :D

I love cheese, so mozzarella is in my list of nice things to eat. Imagining the tomato mixed those delicious pieces of white cheese... hmmmm

Lucky you with your personal pastah mastah :D

Posted by: graffic at March 08,2008 09:57
Re: Eat Simple

graffic, we'll get him to do this stuff again, with the whole gang to eat a big, big bowl of it!

Posted by: betabug at March 11,2008 13:01
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