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07 March 2008

Eat With Friends

Chicken curry with slices of bananas and oranges

Why do I lately derive so much joy from sitting together with friends at a table and eating? It's more than the sum of the food (yesterday it was very good) and talking about important and not so important things with nice people. Somehow the result ends up being more than the parts.

Yesterday CFG cooked us a curry recipe she has from her grandmother. Chicken curry, with rice, slices of banana and oranges. The chicken was delicious and the sauce and fruits rounded it out totally. It's also a food that you can look at and enjoy visually. Not everybody was used to eating fruit with the main dishes, but they got convinced pretty fast.

As for the visual side: Lately my camera is full of food pictures and pictures of people eating, drinking, and talking. This seems to be a major part of my current life. I like taking those food pictures, but on the technical side I should either get me a tripod or a strong lamp (with a big reflector for soft light). With the low light situation most shots are unsharp with camera movement. I usually take a variant with the camera's flash, but those pixx get discarded almost immediately. I prefer shaky shots with atmosphere over clean but flat flash pix.

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