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30 March 2005

Remote Upgrading OpenBSD Without Console Access

As if life wasn't exciting enough

Looking for the right way to upgrade my OpenBSD server... remote, without console access. See, I'm in Greece, server is in Switzerland. Not really what you need to drive by and log in on the console.

Definitely I will want to do a binary upgrade, not a source upgrade. I'll probably remount some of my backup partitions. Then untar the installation packages. Next will be to find out how to handle devices. Obviously I can't run MAKEDEV in single user. Have to read up on that one.

When that step is mastered, I will have to remap partitions, reboot and pray. If the box comes up all right, I can go on about doing the usual stuff like installing packages and recompiling manual compiled software. But obviously up to this point the whole operation is on the "one error sends you out" scale. Comments and ideas welcome!

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Re: Remote Upgrading OpenBSD Without Console Access

... have some1 ready in Switzerland to push the button fo you ;-)

Posted by: Andreas at April 12,2005 13:46
Re: Remote Upgrading OpenBSD Without Console Access

yeah :-) Just that there would be more needed than just pushing the button if something goes wrong. Maybe write something into Open Firmware or bring up an installer on the console.

Posted by: betabug at April 12,2005 19:36
Re: Remote Upgrading OpenBSD Without Console Access

Looks like for most of this use case YAIFO would be the solution.

Posted by: betabug at December 29,2009 14:27
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