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13 March 2008

Work From Sofa

There's a strike for a reason

Today the Metro is on strike. I go to work by bus, but likely due to the demonstrations in the center of Athens, there was no bus for me. Usually when this happens, it's because my bus must traverse the center of the city and when all the buses get caught up "on the other side", nothing moves. I waited for some time, then decided the "ταλαιπωρία" (stress, trouble) wasn't worth it and I might as well work from home.

BTW, these strikes are there for a reason. The situation with the pension funds is really bad. So I won't complain about the reasons for the strike. I might voice some ambivalences about the usefulness of strikes in this situation, but only in a low voice. There isn't much else people can do to make themselves heard.

Anyway, I can be productive on the sofa too. The macbooks screen isn't as big as the cinema display at work, but the machine is nice and fast and the network connection to the office lets me access all the files I need.

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Re: Work From Sofa

...t and the network connection to the office lets me access all the files I need.

Through a tight and secure VPN tunnel of course ;-)

Posted by: Saad at March 13,2008 17:51
Re: Work From Sofa

ssh is good enough for me :-)

Posted by: betabug at March 13,2008 17:57
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