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17 March 2008

Happy 1 Year American In Athens!

A salute to great work by Kat

Today with a post simply called One, Kat from American in Athens celebrated one year of that most useful blog. When I saw the post, I honestly couldn't believe that it's been only one year. There is so much useful information on her weblog, that I had assumed it to have been around for a much longer time.

"American in Athens" is filled with posts providing information to people living here, wanting to live here, or simply curious about what's it like to live here. There are also personal stories from the life of Kat, something I find quite touching and interesting - but I sometimes get a shiver about revealing so much (I might be revealing almost as much between the lines sometimes, just not noticing it myself so much). There weren't so many people who said "Thank you!" in that time, which reminds me that it's always good to say an extra "Thank you Kat!" here. It's good to have you around!

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Re: Happy 1 Year American In Athens!

Yeesh. So what you're saying is a day feels like a year since I've been around, as if my time is being calculated in cat (Kat) years. LOL!

If you only knew what stuff I was holding back, you wouldn't at all think what I've chosen to share was very personal. It merely skims the surface. I think that you reveal stuff that I wouldn't, so I suppose each person's definition of privacy is relative.

A long time ago, I read "Slacky Tiger on a Rainbow" after someone stole my second PB (which was a replacement for the first-born PB stolen on 9/11) and I'd bookmarked you from that day, occasionally stopping in to see what you were up to. All I've done is follow in your footsteps with a practical site aimed at non-EU citizens to fill a void.

We've been in this together, providing different content with different voices to anyone who will listen. We were also featured together in ET. Thank you BB, it's been fun. :)

Posted by: Kat at March 17,2008 17:18
Re: Happy 1 Year American In Athens!

Hey Kat, so how's that for turning a compliment around? I think you're doing much more than me in the field of information. Where I have a nugget of info here and there amongst a sea of random stuff, you provide something like a directory of useful information.

Yeah, the personal stuff. If you think I've got a lot of that, maybe I should worry even more about it. This stuff sometimes slips through my defenses.

Anyway, this is all about congratulating you for one year of great work done!

Posted by: betabug at March 18,2008 10:01
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