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17 March 2008

I Saw A Goddess On My Way To Work

Kids, you can't buy this in stores!
Citroën DS in the streets of Athens (Ilisia area)

Tor has this wonderful little series of picture posts he titles "on my way to work". Today I walked by this wonderful car... It's a Citroën DS (where the DS is pronounced like the French word Déesse, which means goddess).

It's one of the most wonderful cars in the world IMHO, and technically it was one of the most advanced cars ever made. On the day it was revealed at the Paris Auto Salon in 1955 (having been developed in total secrecy), 50 of them were sent to circulate on Paris' streets. Accidents happened as people were staring after this thing from the future.

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Re: I Saw A Goddess On My Way To Work

Good one!

Posted by: tor at March 17,2008 18:05
Re: I Saw A Goddess On My Way To Work

Thank you!

Posted by: betabug at March 18,2008 10:02
Re: I Saw A Goddess On My Way To Work

isn't this called the phrog too?

Posted by: w0lfshade at March 19,2008 09:28
Re: I Saw A Goddess On My Way To Work

Yeah, in some countries they call it the frog - but that's more like a nickname, while déesse == DS is the official model name.

Posted by: betabug at March 19,2008 11:27
Re: I Saw A Goddess On My Way To Work

It seems like new. And beautiful.

Posted by: graffic at March 22,2008 00:49
Re: I Saw A Goddess On My Way To Work

graffic: it looked wonderful! But then, the looks are just one thing, riding in one is what really makes you believe that god did not create all cars equal. The way the car floats is so much different from anything you've ever felt, you wouldn't believe it!

Driving these cars is also an experience. Really scary at first (it's *huge*) but I guess it probably feels a lot like steering a plane (though I've never steered a plane myself).

Posted by: betabug at March 24,2008 09:07
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